Mr. B Presents Marz Daniels “Inked”


“Inked” is the highly anticipated debut single from the multi-talented, groundbreaking singer/songwriter Marz Daniels. This energetic, urbanized banger forges a convincing reprise of memorable vocalists who are unapologetic and excellent at what they do. Catchy lyrics, infectious melody, and subtle harmonies team up to offer an amazingly bouncy musical excursion crafted by veteran producer Mr. B The song delivers a much needed entree of delicious hot buttered fun. Raw, gritty, banging, booming! This release is masterfully seductive and firmly entrenches the notion that solid, creative artists foster fresh worthwhile contributions to this current trendy market. Upcoming independent label Rockboy Records is aggressively solidifying it’s intention by bringing forward innovative releases that are innovative, game-changing and necessary.