About Us

Rockboy Records is the new driving force in the music business and a strong definition of a indie label. The goal at Rockboy is to take our music and artists to the next level. What makes Rockboy Records a different indie label is our quality control system, seeking overall to develop artists and their emerging brands. This system was initiated by our in-house executive team. We  at  Rockboy Records believe that artistic development and ongoing creative and marketing support is a primary concern for an artist. It’s important to us, as well, that an artist must know their  ‘craft’, and be continually, passionately motivated  so that they can give us their best work at all times. This will ensure our intent to give their fans the very best music.

The executive team at Rockboy Records is not your regular, so-called 9-to-5 bunch! Our team is well experienced, insightful, progressive, and have been quite successful in various areas within the music industry. Our mission is to assure our fans, affiliates, and supporters that we will be releasing newly groundbreaking, stimulating music every fiscal quarter within each calendar year.

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