Mac Peoples

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Who is Mac Peoples? This Texas Native bom out of Texarkana, Texas has been a part of music since the age of 5. Born August 10, 1980, Mac Peoples always knew that he was made for the music industry. During his school years, Mac would often find himself writing music in
the classroom, instead of paying attention to his studies. Mac found a way to express himself through musical lyrics.

Limes was tough in the streets and when the violence got too deep, he turned to the church for some spiritual uplifting. He joined the choir and attended regularly. Even in the house of the Lord, he did not feel like he was accepted because they could not look past the thug image he carried. This struggle parlayed into his lyrics that discuss the realness in life that does not exist in the church. He had the inspiration of music within himself. On his knees at night, he would pray.

Mac has always been inspired by the East Coast music scene; some of his influences include M.O.P, DMX, and JAY-Z. Mac has done work on 3 solo albums locally throughout Texas. The 2 albums, “The Realness” and “l’m Gonna Stand Fo’ Sho” were rap based albums. The third album was a gospel album titled “Gods Instrument.”

He also has been performing all over the state of Texas including Dallas, Houston, and Austin. He even made it to Nashville, TN, with a spot on a local TV showcase for talent. The sponsor, Gloria Records, offered him a $39, 000 contract, which he turned down for creative reasons. Some compare his flow to the vintage Bone Thugs and Harmony, but his style in his own, is simply unique. The realness that he brings out in his lyrics through his rap and his song makes him a double threat. He enjoys singing just as much as rapping in his music.


“I want my fans to feel something they never felt before. I want to touch them spiritually and emotionally. l want to get in touch with their souls.”

Now as an artist signed to D/R Period’s New York City based label Rockboy Records, Mac Peoples will be a guiding light and a Texas Representative that will be around for generations to come.