Chubbs and O to da D known as the “Odd Couple” hail from Brooklyn, NY. Being twin brothers with two totally different personalities caused them to come up with the name Odd Couple. As  twins coming from a very musical background, they quickly developed their love for music in their early stages of life. Davon Pittman (Chubbs) and Davonta Pittman (OD) were both solo rappers at first until they realized the responses they received every time they made a song together. This led to their decision to unite as a group. The type of sound these two bring forth  as a group is in fact, very different from most groups  today. Chubbs and OD actually have their own dynamic  styles, each bringing something tantalizingly special to the table. This gives the group the ability to send out a mixture of sound ideas and styles, making the name of the group an accurate choice. They have many songs across the web that can be found on Sound Cloud, DatPiff, Mixtape Connect, YouTube, Hot New Hip-Hop  etc. They currently have two mixtapes out (‘Warm Up Season’, and ‘Warm Up Season 2’). Both have gotten excellent feedback on MixTape Connect, and DatPiff. The Odd Couple are currently working on songs and videos that will be coming soon. Stay tuned to the Odd Couple. Contact them on Facebook and Twitter.

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