Quintesence is a female hip hop artist from the Bronx

She always had a love for writing, and a passion for music. It wasn’t long before Q. was put in a position to test her ability which showcased her talent. She was, unknowingly, entered into a local rap contest and ended up winning, which provided a new feeling that motivated her to test out a new music world; battle rap.  Q. earned acclaim in her early teens rap battling some of the best and even was friends with one of the kings of battle rap; Murda Mook. The rap battling scene at the time was exciting and she was right there in the middle of it; appearing on Smack DVD back in the day. It wasn’t long before she decided, through the motivation of her inspiring surroundings, to become an all out artist.

After becoming an artist, Q. was a multiple night performer at the famous Apollo Theatre and even won two of her contests there, a highly respected award. She’s been featured on WorldStarHipHop.com, AllHipHop.com, and many magazines including DJ KaySlay’s magazine; Straight Stuntin’. True, Q. gets her respect, but it goes deeper than that. She has very deep roots in the old school underground scene approved by legends like Grand Puba, Grand Master Flash, and Krs-One even called her “the truth” which is a pretty solid endorsement, considering how pure of an artist KRS-One is. Q. has been grinding as an artist for a very long time. She has recently teamed up with super producer D/R Period and Rockboy Records and is now ready to impress a wide audience of fans, her peers are already impressed.

Q. is unique in the way that she is a lyrical, aggressive,  and sexy artist all in one, which is something very rare in hip hop. Her music consists of a wide variety, but she accredits life music of struggles to be her main motivation and that’s something we’ve been missing in a female mainstream rapper. Q had a rough upbringing, but still was blessed with a humble heart to overlook negativity in her life.  Her goal is to strive to be better, even her name portrays that, as it means “a better example”.

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