Zay The Doeboy


The man born Zaquan Shakeem Pittman is ready to dominate the charts! The
21 year-old Brooklyn-born native’s classic mixtapes have placed the streets
and clubs within his grasp with his first single “Borderline fire.”

“I’m just coming out, but if you go anywhere in south jersey and the
New York Area,” says Zay The DoeBoy, “I get that love and respect like I have
a catalog of LPs under my belt. My mixtapes have had a definitive impact
which is amazing and humbling at the same time. Now my music is spreading
all over the world. I’m ready to deliver universal hits.”

With his recent record deal (Rockboy Records),and his connection to Brooklyn’s famed producer D/R Period, Zay The DoeBoy’s career is finally off the launching pad. His first single’s bubbling success comes from a mixture of  hypnotic track, coupled with Zay The Doeboy’s signature melodic flow, unforgettable choruses, and features international superstar producer D/R Period.

“When I was making ‘Borderline Fire,’ it was a must for me to get
D/R Period on the record. D/R Period and I sat down, and we had a long
conversation. He sent me the beat, and I sent it back the same night.
‘Borderline Fire’ is a record that was created to show upcoming
artist you don’t have to use another artist’s style. You can be yourself and win,”
explains Zay The DoeBoy.

Zay The Doeboy’s career started to take shape eight years ago when he hooked up
with D/R Period, super producer and founder of  Rockboy Records.
“I learned so much from him,” Zay The DoeBoy says of D/R Period, producer of
such styles as Smoothe Da Hustler, M.O.P, A.Z , Nas and many others. “He’s so much
of a leader. I picked up from his leadership. In order to be a leader, you have
to start your own movement.”

For years, D/R would help to cultivate Zay’s skills and within a
year’s time, D/R Period organized Zay’s production and  a recording contract ensued
for the Zay through Rockboy Records, which was a great start for the future
up-and-coming artist.This gave life to the upstart rapper’s career.

Shortly thereafter, Zay The Doeboy started earning a living in the music business by
doing anything related to music. Pushing his mixtape from door to door, D/R and Zay
put together gift bags, Including Zay The Doeboy’s latest mixtape and an Am/Fm radio.
“Coming up in this game I learned a lot, such as making beats, videos, artwork, and
social networking. I used all these tools to make money. God gives you gifts, so use
them wisely,” Zay the Doeboy says. D/R was the one who first taught Zay The
DoeBoy The power of hooks. “He heard my potential and we worked hard to better
myself as an artist. Even when I worked on mixtapes, D/R Period made sure I separate
myself from others. By putting new hooks on other artist’s beats I basically turned
the record into a Zay record. When fans heard Zay’s tracks they all
tended to forget whose beat it originally was, and focused on Zay The DoeBoy. The impact was
that strong. I definitely have to say that Rockboy Records is where I studied
songwriting,” Zay The DoeBoy described. Those not aware D/R Period is actually
Zay’s Father. “My Pops had talented artists from all over the world come through the
Studio in Brooklyn.”

As determined as Zay The DoeBoy is now to become a music superstar, he almost
got in the way of fulfilling his own dreams. “When I was around 14 or 15,
I got into the streets heavy and was caught in the middle  of fast money and
slow money. When I was in the streets the money came so fast I spent it just
as fast as I got it. I had no worries. Just as fast as I spent it I got it back – doubled”, says Zay The DoeBoy. “Although I focused on my music, I went harder hustling. My mother hated it. Whatever she wanted me to do, I did the opposite. I let the streets change me.” It wasn’t until less than a year ago that he decided to give up hustling in the streets and solely focus on music.

“I didn’t know sacrifice and patience,” he admits. “When I learned that,
I started seeing rap pay off. I had to give the streets up to really make
my way into music.”

As much as he was allured by the streets, Future, as an adolescent
was also attracted to school. “Words always intrigued me,” Zay explained.
“When I went to school, I would read Shakespeare and just
fell in love with how he mixed his words. I started playing around
writing poems, reading poems… then I started listening to Jay-z … I
learned all his songs.”

In late 2010, Zay went through a life change and made songs
incessantly. “I stayed in the studio everyday,” he says. “There are
days I went to the studio broke, but I said I’m not going to miss one
day in the studio. The day I miss could be the day God decided to bless me.
It wasn’t easy. By far the hardest thing I had to do in life was change,
but it was by far the best move.”

Earlier this summer, Zay decided he wasn’t doing any more mixtapes. Although his fans loved his mixtapes, he decided to focus on becoming mainstream. Zay already has his first two projects lined up: an EP to be released this winter,  and a full length LP this summer or early next year.

“My EP is called ZAYYY and the meaning is basically, ‘Through  the ups and
downs, thick and thin, with the will of determination I did it’” he revealed.
“It was hard to come up with one word or phrase to explain that meaning so
I just used my name.“The full album is titled Borderline Fire. Borderline Fire
is bridging the gap from the streets to mainstream. Meaning, not too commercial,
not too street ,just right, in the middle. I make ‘Great music’. I make music
on the highest level. When you listen to Borderline Fire, you’ll understand.
I’m outta here! The music is more melodic on the album. It’s feel good music
straight from the soul. It’s music with no boundaries.”

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Zay The Doeboy (Blow The Horn)